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Mathematical Society of Republic of Moldova

Mathematical Society of the Republic of Moldova (MSRM) was founded in the 50’s, XX century,  and since then has been the only association gathering mathematicians of Moldova. During these years the Institute of Mathematics of the Academy of Sciences coordinated the most of mathematical activity in the country.  Beginning with 1990 the Mathematical Society was more present and after 2001 it became the most representative organization of the Moldovan mathematical community. At present MSRM  has 197 members from all over the country, most of them have scientific or academic degrees, and about 40% of its members are women. Since 1965 till 1990, more than 20 All Soviet Union scientific conferences have been organized in: general topology and its applications (8), algebra (2), rings and modules (2), geometry (2), differential equations (2), artificial intelligence (2),  numerical analysis and mechanics (2) and others. During this period, as part of mathematical community of Soviet Union, we were member of IMU.  At the same time, the known edition Matematiceskie issledovanija (127 issues), issued till 1992 by the Institute of Mathematics of the Academy, became visible at international level and at present  was digitalized by Center for Retrospective Digitization, Goettingen (GDZ). Roughly 70 monographs were published by the editorial houses Shtiintsa ( Chisinau) and 10 in Nauka (Moscow), 20 were published or translated in English by most prestigious international publishing houses, http://www.math.md/en/publications/monographs.